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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I drop off parts?

Yes. You can drop off parts at our Canadian location any time from Monday to Friday, 7am-5pm.

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Do prices include freight?

Our quoted prices do not include any freight charges. We have the best freight rates with a wide range of carriers. However, we will ship any way you choose.

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Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. Specialty Group Inc. has a one (1) year warranty on any parts that we coat, new or used. This warranty includes labour and materials to repair or replace the same coating that was originally applied. Any labor to remove and reinstall the part and freight is not included in this warranty. This warranty does not cover mechanical damage, staining of the coatings or damage done to the coating by heat or weather. There is no warranty on any part not coated over clean substrates.

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How long does it take to turn my parts around?

Our standard lead time is 7 days from the day we receive the parts. If we can get them out sooner, we will. The turnaround time varies depending on quality of parts, colour you choose, what is already in the system and what processes need to be done. If there is a need for expedited service please call to discuss options and cost to provide this expedited service.

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Can you coat over chrome?

Yes, we can coat over chrome. However, we have no way to remove chrome itself, therefore the only option available is to coat over it. Due to this, we are not able to coat a virgin clean service, and as such we do not provide a warranty. The coverage is good and the coating is like any other substrate.

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What temperature will powder coating withstand?

Traditional powder coating will withstand about 500&0176; Fahrenheit. Anything hotter or prolonged exposure will cause discolouring and destruction of the coating. There are some high-heat powders that can withstand up to 1200&0176; Fahrenheit for use on headers and manifolds. Ceramic coating is also available. Contact us for details.

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Why are prices quoted only estimates until you see the actual part?

Our quotes are based on clean parts with no odd changes to the part. We will only give firm prices once we have the parts in our hands.

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How do I treat powder coated surfaces?

Once a powder coated surface has cured out it can be treated like any other painted or finished surface. It can be polished and buffed like any other finish.

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Can any colour be matched?

Any colour can be matched. The problem is that powder can only be made in certain quantities and that will affect the price. Colours of powder coated parts do not match parts exactly even under the best conditions. Always exercise care when colour matching. Durability will also affect comparability over time.

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If I send the part to the U.S. address, are the costs in U.S. funds?

All rates quoted in U.S. are in U.S. dollars. All sales are made from the Canadian location so savings can be obtained in taxes on your coated parts.

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If the operation is in Canada, are there any additional costs to get it to Canada?

No. Any costs associated with transfering parts to Canada are included in our cost of operations and not transferable to the customer.

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No matter where I send my parts, they are precious to me and their security is important. How do you guarantee that security?

All your parts are put in job boxes, numbered and identified. We protect all parts with foam packing whether we ship them or you pick them up. Protection of our customers parts and security of those parts are our first priority. We take the ultimate care of your parts, as if they belonged to us.

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